My Family Won’t Accept My Undead Fiancé

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Dear Impractical Advice: My fiancé and I were three months away from our wedding date when he was infected with the zombie virus. Even though he’s undead, I still love him deeply and want to go through with the ceremony, but my family is refusing to participate. My mother says she is “worried for my safety” even though I’ve assured her that with his muzzle and neck collar on, my future husband is totally harmless. My father refuses to even talk about the wedding. They both say they won’t attend if I go through with this.

The wedding date is coming up soon and I want my future husband to feel welcome in our family. How can I convince my family that this marriage will work?

– Beyond Death Do Us Part

Dear Beyond Death,

For starters, Impractical Advice suggests you remove the “You may kiss the bride” moment from the ceremony.

A radical change in consciousness only three months the wedding day is a red flag that can’t be ignored. You and your fiancé need to take the time to explore how his expiration will affect your relationship. Every aspect of your lives together should be reconsidered in light of his undead status. Will this impact your division of chores around the house? Will your fiancé be able contribute to your household budget? How about any plans for children in the future? You and your family seem like you need to take some time to consider all the ramifications of this change in life before rushing into the marriage.

Romantic relationships between the living and the undead are challenging under the best of circumstances. Postpone your wedding date for at least another six months while you and your family get accustomed to your fiancé’s new life status. It’s not long to wait to figure out if you will spend the rest of your life together.

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